Thursday, October 13, 2011

A yummy hot chocolate.

I've done it. I've found a yummy vegan hot chocolate!

I've got a thing for hot chocolate, but finding a dairy-free hot chocolate that isn't bitter and gross has been a challenge. Or rather, a yummy and reasonably priced hot chocolate has been a challenge. I found Ah! Laska hot chocolate powder at Whole Foods over the weekend. Topped with Dandies marshmallows, it was absolutely perfect.

Belle agreed.


  1. Love, love the cup! And I'm super excited for the weather to turn so I can enjoy some hot cocoa too.

  2. That mug is adorable! I'm a cider girl in the autumn.

  3. foodfeud - Thanks! My inner 6 year old also loves it. :)
    Celyn - Thank you! I like hot cider, too! So yummy. I bought a jug the other day but it's kind of bitter... there's a pumpkin farm about 30 minutes from here, but they have the most amazing cider. My class is taking a field trip there in two weeks, I cannot wait!