Sunday, October 9, 2011

A weekend of festivals!

This weekend is a three day weekend. I am thrilled, because 2/3 of it has been spent at festivals and I need a day to recover. Or do all my cleaning/cooking/homework.

Or recover.

I spent Saturday at the Renaissance Festival. It was unbelievably crowded, but we still managed to see a few good shows and have a good time.

The tops of trees changing colors.

One of two vegan options.

A giant! And a small child.

The festival grounds are nestled in the woods outside of Annapolis.
Super pretty.

I like octopi, and I love amethyst.

My plans to spend some time at the Vegtoberfest today were thwarted almost immediately. Dakota is a very social dog, both with people and other animals, but the festival was stimulus overload for her. We only lasted about a half hour before I decided I'd had enough of her behaving like she was on crack.

I was able to get a vegan cannoli.

The cannoli came from Vegan Treats Bakery out of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I'd never heard of them before, but they had lots of yummy looking desserts that I'd never really seen before. Riverside Park is nice, too; I'd never been before. And it's close to our second favorite dog park, where we spent a good hour or so post-festival.



  1. Ohhh I'm so jealous! Vegan Treats' peanut butter bomb (and pretty much everything else they make) is to die for!!

  2. What a fun weekend! I've always wanted to go to a Renaissance festival, they look so neat!

  3. Hey Nikki, I was at vegtoberfest I think I pet your dog! lol

  4. Lauren - I'm jealous you knew of them before I did! It was so good! Are they sold in any stores, like Whole Foods or Mom's Organic Market? Need. More.
    Veganforthewin - It was busy, that's for sure! RennFest was more like Medieval Fest, but that doesn't sound nearly as fun! You should definitely check one out, though!
    LBG - If it was the obnoxious Rotty mix, that was us, haha. She is normally super excited initially, and then calms down. Yesterday was the opposite, though. Embarrassing.

  5. I can't believe we haven't run into each other before. Have you been to any of the vegan drink meet ups? I've only been to one so far (last night at Johnny Rads) I love to talk vegan food and your blog is awesome I'm going to make those pumpkin pancakes this weekend. We should be friends! lol


  6. I have not. I'm too co-dependent to venture out to something like that on my own, haha. How was Johnny Rads? They have good food, but it's always soooo crowded. When is the next one? Let me know how the pancakes turn out!