Saturday, October 8, 2011

Beg-worthy Banana Bread

Safari and/or iPhoto is/are conspiring against me, because although iPhoto displays this picture properly rotated, it appears this way when I go to upload it. So forgive me, it's not my fault.

This is another yummy recipea from Peas and Thank You. I almost always have extra ripe bananas sitting around, and therefore am always looking for new ways to use them up. I mean, my freezer can store but so many frozen bananas. The almond butter and almond extract used in this recipe was a nice departure from my standard banana bread recipe. You can find an online reproduction of the recipe here!

If you're in the Baltimore area, don't forget about Vegtoberfest tomorrow afternoon! There will be live music, a variety of speakers/exhibitors, a chili cook-off, and of course lots of yummy vegan food. Leashed pets are permitted, too; I will definitely have Dakota in tow tomorrow, taking in the gorgeous weather and eating as much food as my jeans will allow.

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  1. That looks super tasty! Banana bread was one of the first recipes I made when I started baking as a vegan, but it's been way too long since I made some. thanks for reminding me, and that recipe sound really good :)