Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tempeh Asado with too many sides

At the bbq on Sunday, some awesome vegan gifts were bestowed upon me. See:

The cookies were delicious and didn't survive more than two days, and I was so excited to receive Viva Vegan! I had checked it out of the library recently, and loved it so much, I put it on my wishlist. And Jen is just so gosh darn amazing, she bought it for me! Yay for awesome friends who are also fabulous gift-givers.

Unfortunately, my first go-round fell on an evening when I was starving and needed to go to the store, and therefore, long prep time was absolutely out of the question. I couldn't decide between the side dishes I wanted to accompany my tempeh asado, so I made them all: fried plantains (so bad, but sooo good!), braised kale, and cilantro-lime rice. Everything was so good, and it was all relatively easy to put together.

Thanks, Jen! You're the bee's knees! (But you already knew that.)

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