Monday, August 15, 2011

Cinnamon Rolls

Growing up, my brother and I could pick a fight over just about anything - who rode shotgun, who could call the other the most obnoxious name, what we watched on TV. Nothing, and I mean nothing, could incite a riot like who got the middle cinnamon roll. It was as if the middle roll had magical powers, making it softer and sweeter and more cinnamon-y, and hell if we were going to let someone butt-in in the Middle Cinnamon Roll Eater rotation.

Since going vegan, I haven't had a cinnamon roll. And it wasn't until last week that I realized it's been a long, three-and-a-half-year cinnamon roll-less journey. I sought to rectify this situation immediately. The vegan gods were obviously looking out, because I went to Border's on that same day (RIP, you will be missed!) and found Peas and Thank You. I'd actually forgotten I wanted to check out that book, and when I saw it, it was like the heavens opened up, that heavenly glow encircled the book, and the angels sang. And what did I find in the pages of this book?

A recipe for cinnamon rolls. JACKPOT. It was in that instant that I knew Peas and Thank You and I were meant to be. 

It was a little intimidating because I've never baked with yeast before, but I came out unscathed and with a delicious, Omni-Mom approved pan of cinnamon rolls. 

And I didn't have to fight anyone for the middle. 

Scary, rising dough.

All rolled out, a surprisingly easy feat.

Cinnamon filling. The recipe actually calls for blackberries 
in the filling, but I wanted pure, unadulterated cinnamon-y goodness.

My sweet log. No pun intended, and I'm refraining from
making any inappropriate innuendos.

The AMAZING icing, but I won't divulge the secret ingredient.
You'll have to buy the book for that.
But I promise, it's really creamy and yummy without being sickeningly sweet.


My drizzling skills leave something to be desired...

Admittedly, the centers were a bit doughy, despite baking them for a minute more than the recommended time. The cinnamon and whole wheat used make it difficult to tell when the dough is browned (or maybe I'm just an idiot), so this is kind a "live and learn" experience. Lesson learned: bake for another minute or two. And lucky you, this recipe is available on the Peas and Thank You blog!

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