Sunday, August 21, 2011

Peas and Thank You

So by this point, a blind man could see that I am in love with Peas and Thank You. I cannot say enough good things about the wonderful recipeas Mama Pea has compiled into this book. The recipes are delicious, nutritious, and easy to put together. Even as a single gal without a family to take care of, my time is limited. I'm a busy grad student trying to balance work, school, and play. I don't want to spend hours in the kitchen, laboring over a meal, and with Peas and Thank You, I don't have to. I can eat yummy, wholesome meals (and scrumptious snacks, too!) in 30 minutes or less. I've definitely sampled some recipes from other books that have a quick prep time, but leaves me wanting more in terms of flavor. That is absolutely not the case with Mama Pea's recipeas.

In addition to the wonderful recipes, Mama Pea share funny anecdotes and adorable pictures of her precious peas. Her writing style and sense of humor draw you in from the first page - I pretty much read through the cookbook like you'd read a novel. Have you ever wanted to read a cookbook? I sure as hell haven't. The pictures and stories add a personal touch that engages her readers and endears her to them.

If you haven't bought this book yet, go do it! If you're hesitant (though you shouldn't be - I'd never lead you astray!), you can go here and preview the book and five recipeas. How cool is that?

So get check it out and give peas a chance!


  1. Hi there, I love your blog and happen to live in Baltimore myself. Mount Vernon to be exact. I am a manager at Great Sage, an all vegan restaurant in Clarksville, MD. Have you been here yet?

    We recently launched a blog and if you have any interest in writing a piece for us please contact me at!!

    I also noticed that you list upcoming events on your blog and we are always doing fun things that those who read your blog may be interested in! I know we are a bit of a drive for some, but it is worth the 30 minutes or so for an all vegan dining experience.

    Let me know what you think!

  2. Hi Katie, thanks for the great feedback! Yes, I have been to Great Sage and I LOVE it! So good, I wish I lived closer. Thanks for the offer to guest blog; I'll shoot you an email in a bit! :)