Friday, August 19, 2011

Curry in a Hurry

Some nights, I'm in a hurry when it comes to making dinner. I have to squeeze in walking the dog, going to the gym, dinner, clean-up, maybe some errands or housework (or both on my super lucky nights). And if it's a Monday or Tuesday night, everything had better be done by 8PM and 10PM, respectively, so as to not interfere with my ABC Family night or Teen Mom.

I wish I were kidding. 

So when I came across Curry in a Hurry in Peas and Thank You, I'm pretty sure Mama Pea made this with me in mind. 

This, like everything I've tried so far, was so quick to put together, and that's really important to me. Luckily, summer is a bit lazier than September through June, and so I have more time. But school starts next week and I'll be taking two classes - I'm not going to have tons of time to labor over cooking and I'm always looking for recipes to add to my "Quick Meals for My Insanely Busy Week" repertoire. This is my most recent addition, and for that, I thank Mama Pea.

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