Saturday, August 27, 2011

When life hands you a giant watermelon...

Can you tell I went back to work this week? Cue the saddest music you can think of. Let's be honest: this week kicked my ass. Despite taking classes and babysitting part-time, summer was great: I got lots of sleep, I was able to do fun things like read and bake and hang out with friends, I felt energized enough to go to the gym regularly. All of that has dramatically changed in the last week. Womp, womp. And that earthquake? It really rattled my nerves for a few days (I've got issues with natural disasters/things of that magnitude that are out of my control).

Thank god it's the weekend. One week of work has re-established how much I appreciate days of the week that start with "S." The only thing that would improve my weekend is if Irene would step off. I think one natural disaster a week is sufficient?

During my last week of summer, I inherited the world's largest watermelon. Check it out:

It came from my step-mom's dad's (my step-grandfather?) farm. I was visiting my daddy, and he told me I could take the watermelon on the porch. I'm not sure if he was being funny or being nice when he said that, because when I saw the watermelon, my jaw hit the ground. When I tried to get it in my car, my back broke.

Not really. But almost.

When I lugged this bad boy in the house, the obvious question was, "What the hell am I going to do with this 30 pound watermelon?" I spent some time searching Google for easy stuff to do with ginormous watermelons. This is what I ended up with.

watermelon-banana popsicles; cut watermelon for smoothies

These were really yummy and I ended up throwing these
in my green smoothies in the mornings! So good!

Sorbet! Delicious!

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  1. Watermelon-banana popsicles, yum! How were they?

    I hear you on the natural disaster bit. I feel fortunate that I haven't experienced a big earthquake yet. I've been in CA for 4 years and there have been a few tiny ones that I never really felt. Hope everything is OK over there with Irene. I mean, I know it's not... but that it doesn't get too ugly.