Thursday, September 1, 2011

Baked Vegan Corn Dogs

Food on a stick is infinitely more cool than food not on a stick, and I'm pretty sure that's half the appeal of corn dogs. I found myself yearning for the corn dog of my youth, but I obviously couldn't walk into Giant and pick up a box.

I wanted a recipe for baked corn dogs, and Happy Herbivore obliged. Unfortunately, the end result wasn't quite what I pictured. The batter was kind of sticky, and wrapping vegan hot dog in corn bread mix is more difficult than I ever imagined. And I forgot to set the timer, so I had to guess on the time. And I guessed incorrectly, so they were a little overdone.

But my inner 10 year old didn't care. Dipped in ketchup, they were delicious and satisfied my craving.

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