Friday, September 9, 2011

This week. Ohh, this week. I'd be lying if I said I were sad to see this week pass. It rained all week. All. Damn. Week.

The pond at my job flooded.

This video was shot about five minutes from my job.

301 in PG County. This is about an hour from my house; I take this road to get to my daddy's house!

Getting out of bed when it's cold, dark, and raining took more will power than I thought I was capable of. Especially when a natural light show (read: lightening storm) kept you up most of the night. Until about 5PM this evening, I hadn't seen the sun in four days. I hadn't walked my dog in just as many days, and spent too much of my time bailing water out of my flooding basement. The lack of sun and excess of water and humidity put me in a weird funk. It put my students in a weird funk. It was just bad news bears.

Given my general state of grumpiness, I craved warm, yummy, comforting food. And who came to my rescue? Mama Pea! I made her chickpea and dumplings, and my tummy and heart felt so good! This dish has a savory, delicious flavor, and the dumplings were the bomb.

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