Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A few things!

Hey guys! I few things I wanted to share with you all:

>> A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the manager at Great Sage, an amaaazing all-vegan restaurant in Clarksville. She asked me to guest blog, which was super flattering and awesome, and I happily obliged! Check out my post "You're a What?" and let me know what you think!

>> My amazingly smart, innovative, dedicated friend Krista moved to New Orleans three years ago after she was invited to join Teach for America. After her time as a TFA teacher was up, she stayed in the area, teaching at the school she'd been at for the last two years. When I visited her in the spring, I had the chance to meet her students, and they were great! Unfortunately, the school is underfunded and doesn't have a ton of resources. Being the self-starter she is, Krista applied to participate in the Pepsi Refresh Project. Her project has been chosen, and she now has the opportunity to win $5K for her project. There are only five days to vote, so please check it out and cast your vote!

Me & Krista in NOLA.

>> Lastly, my brother, who works in construction, had a near-death experience today at work. He sent me a rattling text tonight, which prompted me to call him and grill/lecture him in the crazy-but-only-because-I-love-you-and-care way that only big sisters can. He is okay, but I'm still shaken. Thinking about how quickly everything happened, how far he is from me, how lucky we are that someone was able to save him, makes me think about how fleeting life is. So hug your loved ones whenever you can. Tell them you love them every day. You never know when they might be taken from you.

Baby Niki & Baby-Baby Matthew :)

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