Saturday, July 23, 2011

Raw Watermelon Ice Cream

I've been considering dabbling in the world of raw vegan (beyond fruits and veggies) for a while now. On my last cookbook binge at the library, I picked up a raw cookbook. I saw several things that piqued my interest, but nothing motivated me enough to actually make it.

I also stalk Addicted to Veggies because she makes some cool and interesting-looking foods over there. She recently posted this recipe for watermelon ice cream, and when the thermometer hit 109 degrees yesterday (heat index was 117, no big deal), I decided to go for it.

This required a bit prep because I had to make the date sweetener and the sour cream. Aside from that, there was relatively little work involved. It spent a couple of hours in the freezer, which wasn't an issue since I needed to prep dinner and move some laundry around.

Soaking the dates and apricots for the sweetner.

Date-apricot sweetener!

I kind of goofed the apple cider vinegar, so I tried my best to rectify the situation, but I'm not sure if that's why the sour cream had a strong flavor, or if it's really supposed to be like that. It didn't thicken up quite like I was expecting, either, but after spending 90 minutes in the refrigerator, I was tired of waiting!

Sour Cream!

The end result was pretty good! The flavor was a little different than I was expecting but that might be due to the apple cider boo-boo. What I love about this recipe is that it's raw, it's sweet (but not loaded with sugar, which is awesome - I've got a wicked sweet tooth, but sometimes, sugar wreaks havoc on my system), it's cool and refreshing! If you're looking for a way to cool down during this heat wave that's terrorizing more than half the country, give this a go!

 Getting ready to go in the freezer.

Mid-freezing process.

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