Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Peach Cobbler

Ahh, summer. I love summer, and although I love each of the seasons for different reasons, I love summer a little bit more than the others. The list of reasons why summer supersedes its friends is long, but here are my top five reasons:

1) My birthday. Need I say more?
2) No school! (okay, no work... I still have classes)
3) Optimal beach weather!!
4) 4th of July
5) The produce!

After living the last few weeks as a zombie, I was especially looking forward to kicking off summer: I got to spend a few days at the beach with my dad and step-mom (and I managed to acquire a sweet sunburn down the backs of my legs), and on the way home, I stopped at a local produce stand to pick up some goodies. "Going to the beach" and "produce stand" are synonymous for me because it's literally a straight shot down one highway through over two hours of farm land to get to the beach, and there are countless produce stands along the way. Living in the city where quality produce stands are few and far between makes me super appreciative of how easy it is to buy good, local produce in the country.

One of my grabs was a bin of peaches because I wanted to make some peach cobbler. And I had a cobbler in the oven within 90 minutes of getting home from a near-week long vacation. That's how serious I was about this peach cobbler. The recipe comes from Novel Eats, a neat vegan blog I recently stumbled across.


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