Tuesday, March 15, 2011

California Tortilla

My mom and I found ourselves Downtown and hungry around lunch time one day this weekend. Not expecting to eat while we were out, I wasn't sure where we could go that was within walking distance of the Harbor. Can you tell I don't go to the Harbor often? That moment was moment #3943 when I was grateful for having Internet access on my phone. A quick search of vegbaltimore.com revealed that a casual and inexpensive Tex-Mex joint was less than two blocks away from our exact location.

California Tortilla is a neat little place with a super friendly staff. They have a cute outside eating area, but it was too chilly to enjoy it this past weekend. There are several vegetarian/vegan options, as you can substitute beans for meat, and hold the cheese/sour cream. They also have a special vegan burrito called the No-Meato Burrito, as pictured above, which has the standard rice, beans, and sauteed veggies, but also spinach (a nice change from lettuce!) guacamole, and a spicy sauce. A really spicy sauce. I love spice, but this actually made my nose run. Another thing I like about this place is they offer burritos in two sizes, so you don't have to make the choice of throwing away food or enduring a food baby.

This is a super relaxed restaurant with yummy food (by both vegan and non-vegan standards, according to my mom) at reasonable prices. I'm not sure California Tortilla could replace Chipotle as the burrito queen of my heart, but it's up there. If you find yourself Downtown, stop in and grab a bite!

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